7. Tudor Hand Writing


When Linda asked for volunteers to join a certain project
People came from near and far to learn more on the subject.
Forty folk enlisted, much to her surprise, each matched with a buddy as
a second pair of eyes.

The course was quite intriguing, it scared us and amazed us,
But when we got well into it, it hardly ever fazed us. (not much)
We dealt with many documents, Flodden battle, earls and kings, and as
we got more learn’ed onto other special things –
A list of different horses which were given after battle, a muster roll
which when unfurled was easier to tackle.
In every case we all have found words – one, two or three – that are
impossible to read, or buddies can’t agree!
Scots transcripts are much worse, or best, it will depend
on whether English or Scots you can best comprehend.
We search dictionaries, thesauruses, Latin and D.S.L. and still
sometimes we cannot trace a certain word – it’s hell
But when we can - EUREKA! - we find the missing link, and all
misgivings fly away, we’re brought back from the brink.
So thanks to Linda for her work in putting it together,
No better leader could we have – she’s really very clever.
We’ll stay with the transcribing (just translating in our heads)
And even dream some missing words while sleeping in our beds.

Wendy Urwin